Zhi-Gang Yu

Zhi-Gang Yu

Adjunct Faculty, Applied Sciences Laboratory

(509) 358-7780

Scientific Interests and Work

Dr. Zhi-Gang Yu’s research interests focus on modeling spin and charge motions in a variety of complex materials including semiconductors, conjugated polymers, transition-metal oxides, and biological systems for understanding and predicting their unusual electronic, optical, and transport properties, as well as novel electronic, spintronic, and optoelectronic device structures based on them. Dr. Yu uses both analytical methods and large-scale numerical simulations in his modeling to elucidate the underlying physics. Practical applications of his work include infrared detection, magnetic sensing, solid-state lighting, and clean energy.


After obtaining his Ph.D. in 1996, Dr. Yu joined Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Director-funded postdoctoral fellow, working on electrical transport in conjugated polymers and charge-spin separation in transition-metal oxides. Additionally, he spent a few years at Iowa State University and University of Iowa, working on electron transfer in biological systems and spin-dependent electrical transport in semiconductors and devices before he joined SRI International in 2003.  At SRI International, Dr. Yu studied electronic, (nonlinear) optical, and transport properties of bulk and nanomaterials for novel applications. Dr. Zhi-Gang Yu joined the Applied Sciences Laboratory in 2014.


  • Ph.D. (Theoretical Physics), 1996, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
  • B.S. (Physics), 1991, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China

Representative Publications

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