(CDC) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH):

“Convenient access to a first-class scanning electron microscope and a highly qualified operator has been a boon to my research on air quality in underground mines.”  Art Miller, NIOSH

Triumph Composite Systems, Inc.

“As a company that is currently trying to grow their existing R&D capabilities, Triumph has found that utilization of ASL’s staff and resources has been a great way to augment our immediate needs as we expand our own capabilities.  Our working relationship with ASL has been very positive and we look forward to the opportunities our future joint efforts have to offer.”  Wade Bowles, Director of Engineering

“It is of the upmost importance that Washington’s students have opportunities to work with industry and research professionals prior to their graduation. Through partnerships like this, they are given the opportunity to receive firsthand knowledge of the expectations they will face as they enter the workforce. Having this opportunity provides Washington graduates with the ability to be better prepared for the working environment.”  James Mundy, Sr. Manager, New Products and Technology


The Institute for Shock Physics/Applied Sciences Laboratory (ISP/ASL) at Washington State University (WSU) has undertaken a feasibility study for Avista Utilities to evaluate whether vegetable oil – based fluids can replace mineral oil in Avista’s high pressure hydraulic systems, and be more environmentally friendly. This study assesses currently available state-of-the-art biohydraulic fluids and identifies suitable commercial products, if they are available.

Special attention is devoted towards whether biohydraulic fluids can be identified or formulated to have very low ecotoxicity, as defined by EPA and the Washington State Department of Ecology. A primary motivation for Avista is identifying biohydraulic fluid that has minimal or no environmental impact if accidentally released into rivers.

“I am optimistic with the progress and promise that this project is showing,” Steve Wenke, Avista Chief Generation Engineer, said. “There is a lot of interest in our industry to create an oil that can be both functional and friendly to our environment. We are making significant strides in achieving this goal.”

Spokane Industries

“Spokane Industries is a global sales, engineering, and manufacturing company providing solutions to a broad customer base around the world. SI is utilizing ASL’s state-of-the-art technology and internationally recognized researchers to develop advanced materials and processing techniques in a cost effective manner. Having a resource like this in Spokane is a real advantage for us in today’s highly competitive market.”
Tyrus Tenold, Spokane Industries President – Foundry Divisions


“ASL allows Itron to expand our energy and research capabilities into areas of material science and other disciplines where we alone don’t have the resources or expertise. Our partnership allows us to move from research to real world application. It enables us to build products for energy efficiency and water conservation for our customers and in turn, become better stewards of our natural resources. What ASL does for Itron locally, we extend globally.”
LeRoy Nosbaum, Itron Inc. Chairman and CEO


“ReliOn continuously seeks to improve the performance of its fuel cells to meet the backup power needs of its customers. ASL would not only provide ReliOn and others a local contract partner for specific R&D project work, but is a venue for increasing the visibility of Spokane’s strong base in engineering and physical science. It’s a winning combination for the region.”
Gary Flood, ReliOn CEO

“The facilities at Applied Sciences Lab (ASL) have been an important part of ongoing research and development efforts at ReliOn. Having ASL in Spokane has enabled ReliOn to make faster experimental iterations, which speeds up the product development process.”
Sandra Saathoff. Director, Marketing Communication, ReliOn

“Using SEM/EDS Materials Characterization, ASL assisted ReliOn Inc. in investigating field failures of high pressure flexible stainless-steel hoses, leading to successful discussions and problem resolution with the component supplier.”  Bill Fuglevand, ReliOn

Spokane Chamber of Commerce

“ASL brings national recognition to the Spokane Region that will benefit our overall economic development effort, while also being a unique and critical resource for local metal and metal fabrication manufacturing companies.”
Rich Hadley, Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO