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Washington State University Applied Sciences Laboratory

Principal Researchers

Pranav Nawani

Research Associate Professor, Applied Sciences Laboratory

(509) 358-7845

Scientific Interests and Current Work

Dr. Nawani’s interests are focused on developing advanced materials and polymer nanocomposite for application in coatings, aerospace, automotive, energy, biomedical device, and commodity polymer industry.


Dr. Pranav Nawani has twelve years of diverse industrial experience, five years of which were prior to the beginning of his research career as a Ph.D. candidate.  Prior to his Ph.D., he earned an MBA in Marketing and worked in the areas of production, marketing, and product development.  Dr. Nawani has more than 11 years of research experience in the area of Polymer Physics, Chemistry, and Materials Science. He has synthesized, formulated, modified, and investigated structure, morphology, and properties of various polymers, filler materials, bio-polymers, and polymer nanocomposites. Dr. Nawani has developed materials and advanced nanocomposites thereof for various commercial applications. Prior to joining the Applied Sciences Laboratory, Dr. Nawani was a Technical Director at nano Science Engineering Corporation, Michigan (nanoSEC) and Partner at Advance Nanomaterial.


  • Ph.D. (Chemistry), 2008, Stony Brook University, New York
  • M.S. (Chemistry),  2008,  Stony Brook University, New York
  • M.B.A. (Marketing), 2001, Somaiya Institute of Management Science & Research, India
  • M.S. (Physical Chemistry), 1997, Delhi University, Delhi, India
  • B.S. (Chemistry), 1997, Delhi University, Delhi, India

Representative Publications

  1. Pranav Nawani, Christian Burger, Mikhail Y. Gelfer, Benjamin Chu, Benjamin. S. Hsiao, Andy H. Tsou and Weiqing Weng, Structure and permeability relationships in polymer nanocomposites containing carbon black and organoclayEffect of carbon black on the Orientation of Nanoclays dispersed in polymer and its effect on the permeability of Polymer, (May 2015).
  2. Pranav Nawani, Christian Burger, Mikhail Y. Gelfer, Benjamin Chu, Benjamin. S. Hsiao, Andy H. Tsou and Weiqing Weng, Nanoclays Orientation in Polymer Nanocomposites, Polymer (Oct 2010).
  3. Pranav Nawani, Hongwen Zhou, Chris Burger, Benjamin Chu & Benjamin S Hsiao, Chapter 8: Structural Analysis of Biological and Technical Nanocomposites by X-Ray Scattering, Pgs 183 to 188; Lecture Notes in Physics, Springer-Verlag (2008).
  4. Pranav Nawani, Mikhail Gelfer, Benjamin. S. Hsiao, Anatoly Frenkel, Jeffrey W. Gilman & Syed Khalid, Preparation and Characterization of Transition Metal Ion Modified Nanoclays, Langmuir (Sep 2007).