A Half Century of Innovation

In 2004, Washington State University’s Institute for Shock Physics (ISP) established the Applied Sciences Laboratory (ASL), a Spokane-based contract research organization, with support from the Office of Naval Research and the Spokane community.  Under Yogendra Gupta’s guidance, ASL integrates multidisciplinary activities in the sciences and engineering to undertake a broad range of applied research projects.

As the applied-research arm of ISP, ASL’s foundation is built on 50 plus years of excellence in shock wave research, which has required a multidisciplinary approach in the sciences and engineering.  In the 1950’s, theoretical shock wave research was initiated by Washington State University’s Department of Physics, marking the onset of sustained academic research in the United States.  With support from the Department of Defense, experimental shock research in condensed matter was initiated.  The Institute for Shock Physics was established in 1997 with funding from the Department of Energy (Defense Programs).  ISP was established to sustain strong and long-term scientific endeavors in support of the DOE’s national security mission.