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Washington State University Applied Sciences Laboratory

High Performance Computing

Computational Modeling and Simulations research is an important tool for predictive design of materials, new chemical processes, and material response.

ASL has one-of-a-kind computing infrastructure spanning a large area of expertise:

  • Continuum and mesoscale simulations
  • First-principles calculations
  • Large-scale molecular dynamics simulations
  • Mesoscale simulations of sand penetration
  • Chemical reactions in energetic materials
  • First-principles based materials discovery and design
  • Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Methods

IBM Cluster – e1350

  • 64 compute nodes, with 2 dual core Xeon Processors on each node (3.0 GHz, 4 MB, L2 Cache)
  • 80 x 12-core AMD 6174 Processors with 40 gbps Infiniband®
  • 8 TB GPFS Shared Data Drive
  • Infiniband® non-blocking 20 gbps switch
  • Separate data storage and management nodes